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September 2003

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The wind is rising!  The first late-summer storms have come. After the heat of this extraordinary summer – the hottest on record since over 100 years – the refreshment and rain they bring are more than welcome. My picture of the month shows a storm brewing over Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Shortly before the storm broke, the light over the lake was so special!


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The rising wind made me recall those most beautiful lines from a poem written in 1920 by the great French poet and essayist Paul Valéry (1871-1945):

Le vent se lève! … Il faut tenter de vivre!"
("The wind is rising! … Let us try to live!”)



September, 2003

September 2003 - Le vent se lève! . . . il faut tenter de vivre!

 The wind is rising! ... Let us try to live!

Le vent se lève! . . . il faut tenter de vivre!

From Paul Valéry's poem "Le Cimetière Marin," published in 1920


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