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August 2003

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Summer Evenings  It has been a gorgeous summer in most parts of Europe this year. The "summer of the century," as some meteorologists say. I love warm summer days; but what I love even more is those beautiful summer evenings and nights that reward us for the day's heat. Nights vibrant with life and lights, poetry and parties.

The Swiss summer of 2003 has offered us more splendid summer evenings than any previous one I can remember. It all began in late May, then reached a first peak during the Lugano Summer School (mid-June to mid-July), and culminated in the record temperatures of August.


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Those summer nights in and around Lugano were really gorgeous this year. The vibrant street life of the Piazza della Riforma on the one hand, subtropical vegetation blending with an Alpine mountain scenery on the other. The magic of Lake Lugano. A smell of flowers in the air everywhere. Glowing evening skies over Lugano bay. Nocturnal boat cruises with jazz. Classical music, cabaret and cinema lungolago. Lugano memories.

Fittingly, my first picture of the month is a memory of this year's Lugano Summer School. A splendid day is slowly yielding to one of those happy summer nights on the lake shores, with magic Mount San Salvatore greeting hazily, lazily, from the other side. Time to enjoy a glass of Merlot del Ticino; to lean back and consider the day's events!



August, 2003

August 2003 - Lugano Summer Night

 Summer night over Lake Lugano, with Monte San Salvatore in the background

We must wait until the evening  
to see how splendid the day has been.



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