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December 2003

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It's a Wonderful World...  White Christmas is no longer the rule in Bern, but it is something we still have a chance to enjoy every few years... why not this year? Bern's old town then yields a perfect Christmas setting. In any case, the year's ending, whether white or not, is a time for relaxing, for good spirits, for gratefulness, and for caring about friends and foes.


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One of Louis Armstrong's songs, "What a Wonderful World," expresses this spirit of Christmas as beautifully as any Christmas carol does:

I see skies of blue... clouds of white
Bright blessed days... warm sacred nights
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world!

I see friends shaking hands... sayin'... how do you do
They're really sayin'... I love you.
I hear babies cry... I watch them grow
They'll learn much more... than I'll ever know.
And I think to myself ... what a wonderful world! 

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!



December, 2003

December 2003 - It's a wonderful world ...

 White Christmas in Bern (roll over)

And I think to myself what a wonderful world!

What a Wonderful World, song by Louis Armstrong (1968)

All I'm saying is, see what a wonderful world it would be
if only we would give it a chance.

Louis Armstrong, commenting on his record "It's a Wonderful World" (1970)


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