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My self-portrait in a drawing and four sentences

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Werner Ulrich Mail

Ancien professeur titulaire, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Self-portrait of the artist - (c) 2006 by W. Ulrich

Professional biography


My main current interest is in the philosophical and methodological issues of applied science and expertise, with special regard for reflective practice. In the past I have contributed to this topic through my work on "critical systems heuristics" (CSH) and its methodological core principle, "boundary critique." At present I am particularly interested in combining the methodological core principles of critical social theory, discourse ethics, pragmatist philosophy, and CSH within "philosophy for professionals." My current research program on "critical pragmatism" explores the ways these sources of critical thought can contribute to competent and responsible research and professional practice in a living civil society.








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