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August 2005

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Summer at home   August is the month when our kitchen window offers that nice view of the hay drying on the field nearby, with my wife's flower pots on our north terrace providing a romantic foreground. It's vacation time, many people are away on holidays. A good time to stay at home and enjoy the tranquility of our garden. Summer greetings from home!


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In the summer time ...  The neighborhood is quiet, most of the people are gone. We stay at home and enjoy it. Staying at home in this vacation time par excellence not only makes sense because this is when it's most beautiful at home, it is also eminently practical because you avoid the heavy holiday traffic and the masses of tourists in all the nice places of the world. And as a special treat, you don't need to write all those holiday postcards! So, my conclusion is this:



Ulrich's armchair (just vacant for a moment)

(Sorry you probably can't see me in the armchair just got out of it to take the picture.)


August 2005

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Summer greetings from home  For those who absolutely want to receive a holiday postcard from me, I have designed one below. The motto is "summer window, or tranquility of mind." Sorry I haven't quite finished it, I'm too lazy! (Give me a break, will you?)


August, 2005        

August 2005 - Summer greetings from home

 Summer window, or: "Give me a break!"

"The mind maintains its own tranquility by retiring into itself."

Marcus Aurelius Antonius: Meditations, Book VII (167 AD)

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Last updated 16 March 2006 (increased compression of picture; first published 1 Aug 2005)


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